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Dr. C. Muthamilan is a Board Certified Physician currently residing in Miami, Florida. Though born into poverty in a remote farming village of Setipatti, Tamil Nadu, India, he is now a citizen of the United States of America. He has four siblings – among them; he is the last born.
He believes in the power of collective effort. And the fact that he met different people and leaders over time, he got the chance to succeed, he believes.
Social justice is another reason why he succeeded, according to him. In short, Dr. C. Muthamilan has been an outstanding and productive member of the community across two countries for nearly three decades. None of which would have been possible without the opportunities that were offered to him because of social justice.

Dr. Muthamilan

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If you have the passion and the will to achieve the things you love-not even poverty itself can stop you.Let alone how precious, expensive, costly, and out of reach your dreams seemingly are to you!

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